Of chain reactions, speculators and stock crashes

The millennium defect and the bores

It was Buckminster Fuller, who confronted us with the fact that the key lies for the strength of structures in the network nodes. In networks, however, are hidden back coupling effects that can lead to significant amplifements of inputs. In non-linear networks, the coarse effect is not achieved by the direct connection of two processors, but by multiple back-coupling loops that can strengthen the effects. Above the positive back couplings, an interface can perform a phase converge to new structures and patterns. Therein lies the danger, but also the chance the Y2K problem.

Smallest effects in the wrong place can after the chaos theory draw lots an exponentially growing avalanche effect. Add to this the lack of insight comes from minorities who can still amplify by panic reactions such as hamsters Buy or run on banks crisis. Gemab a US survey want to withdraw 16% of the US population all their money and 31% a coarser cash amount as a precaution by the bank. A possible scenario could therefore be the bugs that by the delayed onset gradually a self verstarkende chain reaction developed until several days after 01. 01. could lead in 2000 to a systemic collapse Volligen.

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“Google will eat itself”

Artists discover the "Financial art"

International financial markets are generally considered to be the terrain of the abstract, and stock exchange transactions are not exactly tangible to the senses. The art group Derivart from Barcelona is currently trying to prove that this does not have to be the case. Jesús Rodriguez, Mar Canet und Daniel Beunza beschaftigen sich seit langerem mit der Verknupfung von Kunst, Technologie und Finanzwelt.

By curating the exhibition "Derivatives, New Financial Visions" in Madrid, they may have discovered a new genre of art: financial art. For the first time, the exhibition at Casa Encendida brings together works that explore the workings of financial markets. "Hidden behind terms like volatility, liquidity and market efficiency, traders, brokers and analysts exert an opaque influence over the man on the street. Contemporary art has rarely explored the role of financial markets in society," says the description of the Madrid exhibition. Most of the works assembled there have already been on view elsewhere in recent years and some of them have been awarded art prizes.

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In the panopticon of data capitalism

In the panopticon of data capitalism

Image: Image: EFF/CC BY-2.0

Smart things, social scoring, and politics as social physics

If all citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany were to find their mailboxes broken into, their mail opened, their apartments broken into and all their belongings ransacked every day when they got home, there would immediately be a huge (media) outcry and massive protests. In the realm of the digital, the same is common practice, but there is virtually no resistance. For the intrusion of state and private actors into the intimacy and privacy happens there impalpably and intangibly. Who reads, stores, calculates and trades with it, and how and why, remains a mystery.

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Withdraw from the city: urban mobilitat with autonomous aircraft

Withdraw from the city: Urban mobilitat with autonomous aircraft

"Future of Urban Mobility: My Child Of Flyover". Image: Airbus

The Group Airbus wants to develop autonomous helicopters for the privileged coarse town dwellers "with a push of a button over the traffic jams"

More and more people live in bads that suffocate in traffic. As a solution is currently offered many times that the vehicles controlled by people should be charged by autonomous cars and trucks. If the autonomous vehicles are also equipped with electric motors, according to the promised advantages, in addition to the reduction of the inflation and a smart control of the traffic flow, the air pollution and low-load burden can be reduced. In addition to the autonomously driving ground vehicles, including the buses and towards public transport, unless they remain competitive, the autonomous flying drones that move part of the goods delivery into the air and relieve the traffic on the threads.

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Only a small, insignificant mistake

The head of the US missile defense system ares, the failure of the last test does not mean that the system is not functional

Although the technology for the planned missile defense system was farly mature, US Prasident Bush decided in December 2002 that it should be set up gradually at least for partial protection from the end of 2004 (the gross wall). The technical and many billion heavy mammoth project of the Bush government, as so much a rebel of the Reagan period, should already have already begun FUB if Bush should not be clamped. The first scanning missiles were carried out in Silos without further tests in Alaska and California ("You start a rocket, we slide off"To).

The first test for a long time, which should prove the functionality in December of last year, albeit among very artificial, ie realistic-proof conditions, went wrong. The scanning rocket did not even pick up, the start was discontinued automatically. So the $ 100 million expensive test seemed only to demonstrate that the protection was not too gross, which the system offers (test for missile defense system failed).

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Grid search in retained data: the underestimated financial investigations

dragnet searches in stock data: the underestimated financial investigations

Europol’s Ma3tch platform aims to link financial investigation units in the EU. Image: Europol

Banks and credit institutions store activities of their customers on reserve. Unlike telecommunication providers they have to monitor themselves

The term "Financial investigations" is often misunderstood as the tracing and seizure of assets or proceeds from illegal sales. Rather, it is about analyzing networks of people, organizations or events. The Dutch EU Council Presidency now wants to make financial investigations a standard part of the fight against crime. The expansion of cooperations with private companies and the introduction of new technology collide with the principles of data protection.

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Old-weak spanish nuclear dope should stay on the net

The nuclear power-friendly Control Council recommends the runtime extension of the oldest Spanish nuclear power plant by 10 years, but the report should only be published after the elections

Again, a politics in the country of Don Quijote de la Mancha pretty Spanish. There should be the so-called council for atomic safety (CSN) to 4. June a recommendation to hand over whether the operating approval of the 39-year-old nuclear power plant Garona can be requested. But the CSN did not publish the report, but he was from the statutory obligation and, with one-day delay, set out his recommendation last Friday only the government, which the environmental protection organizations as "manipulation" criticize.

Old-weak Spanish nuclear dope should stay on the net

Photo of the nuclear power plant in Garona from the operator

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Bangladesh: arsen in drinking water, arsenic in rice

The coarse mass poisoning in the history of humanity captures the food chain

In Bangladesh, the recovery of drinking water from the slope water contaminated with pathogens was converted to well water; Since the 19971 independence, around ten million pipe fountains have been installed with the help of UNICEF-guided international organizations – a success story for the developing country. The simple fountains demand the water from flat groundwater ladders, which have formed over the last 10,000 years. This transition has led to a significant decline of pathogenic death trap; 97% of Bangladeshis have now access to pipeline water. This progress turned out to be a momentous chemistry Gau and also follow the rice cultivation for the food chain.

Unconfessed, everyone involved gives rise to the water on arsenic. In 1983 Indian Dermatologists recognized that many pathological skin changes of their patients were caused by poisoning with arsenic compounds. She suspected the water required by pipeline fountain as the cause. Patients mostly came from the East Indian state of Western Bengal, who shares some of his groundwater leader (aquifre) with Bangladesh. About the next few years, the Environmental Scientist Dipankar Chakraborti determined by Jadavpur University in Calcutta that many Aquifer Westbengalens are strongly contaminated with arsenic.

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Xbox live: multiplayer modes of free2play games for insiders now free

Xbox Live: Multiplayer modes of Free2Play games for insiders now free

Microsoft makes multiplayer modes of Free2Play games also playable without subscription by Xbox Live Gold. The Changed in January has now arrived in the Xbox insider program. Participating users can now already games like "Fortnite" and "Apex Legends" Play on your Xbox online without paying for a membership of Xbox Live Gold numbers.

The chat application Xbox Party Chat is also offered for the first time without additional costs. This is a surprise: In the original change of the strategy change, Microsoft had not challenged this change. In order to play for free now, you have to be in the channels Alpha Skip Ahead or Alpha. In addition, not all Free2Play games do not work, as they have to be changed individually according to Microsoft.

Microsoft moves with the step with Sony and Nintendo the same, on the consoles Man Free2Play title can also use the console operators without subscription to the respective online service. In order to use the multiplayer modes of paid games, you have to pay a subscription at all three manufacturers. Xbox Live Gold costs 7 euros per month or 40 euros per half. The Sony variant PlayStation Plus costs 9 euros per month or 60 euros a year, Nintendos Switch Online is most attract with 4 euros per month or 20 euros per year.

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Farewell to the camphor of the ‘cultural intifada’

A recent history of an exercise habitant man: to the murder Juliano Mer-Khamis

Among particularly tragic circumstances, the violence in Middle East demanded another victim in early April. The Arab-Israeli actor, director and political activist Juliano Mer-Khamis was shot dead at the age of 53 in the Palastinian escape lanyard of Jenin. It was insist on non-violent conflict resolution, which seems to be convicted of his life in a region that seems to be convicted of violence. The story of his life is part of the history of his death.

Juliano Mer-Khamis. Image: Wikipedia, Bathroom

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