Tasteful derailment

The show of the "Spabterroristen" Ingo Appelt deposed

After 11 of originally planned 13 Ingo Appelt shows, ProSieben cancelled the comedy show with immediate effect. The broadcaster is responding to "tasteful derailment" in the show from 23. November.

"The decision to discontinue the format is a clear commitment to our content and quality standards as a program provider", so the ProSieben-Geschaftsfuhrer Nicolas Paalzow to the official reason. As "taste derailment" is said to be a scene that showed adults using dolls meant to represent children as a fubball and shooting them away. Similar scenes are also shown in the SAT1 weekly show, here the gong in the fictitious MP commercial is also struck with the head of a child’s doll.

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Free decision-making tool for erprengstrojan darkside appeared

Free decision-making tool for Erprengstrojan Darkside appeared

Safety researchers of Bitdefender land a decisive blow against the Windows Ransomware Darkside: With a free straightening tool, victims get access to their files. A loose payment is no longer necessary.

The tool "BitDefender DeCryption Utility for Darkside Ransomware" is ready for download now. This should work with all versions of Darkside, which are currently in circulation. How the reproduction is in detail, is currently unknown. It can be amed that the security researchers are gestable for mistakes in the shutter and start there. Such a thing has already happened; Last with the interlocking tripojan Thunderx.

Free files

Errrengstrojan interconnections data and the wire drawers ruck out the key only after a loose payment. In the case of Darkside, the Hintermanns demanded sums between 200.000 to 2 million US dollars.

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Cyber security: us proufer warn of increasing risks in aircraft

Cyber Security: US Proufer warn of increasing risks in aircraft

Aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing prefers their aircraft comprehensively to potential weakness in the field of cyber security, the Government Accountability Office (GaO) recognizes in a report published on Friday. There are no messages about successful hacker attacks on the on-board electronics systems of aircraft. However, the strengthened networking between aircraft and other systems in the light of generally growing IT security threats "Increasing risks for the art flying safety drove".

Security updates and malware

Modern aviators are equipped with networks and systems, which exchanged extensively for the navigation or the weather report extensive data with pilots, passengers, maintenance crews, other aircraft and air traffic controllers comparable to the Federal Lawndown, the authorities in their analysis. For this purpose, there were plants for Internet or entertainment on board. But if such avionics systems are not properly protected, "they could be exposed to a variety of potential cyberattacks".

Vulnerability sees the GAO for example, if in commercial software security updates (patches) are not recorded or malware enhanced, or the supply chains are uncertain. Also outdated systems in old aircraft see the Prufer particularly danger. In addition, flight data could be folded.

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Eene meen muh: grid investigation in germany – part 1

The most popular case stories and false reports from Truss years rates with data

A scanner who slowly eats up, but unstoppable through the data massive – like one who has to work in the Marchen only through a mountain of grasses to come to the landlord of the land, where milk and honey fat. A comb – for hygiene care at the Volkskorper; a sieve, web or filter: the rastery.

EENE MEEN MUH: Grid investigation in Germany - Part 1

Horst Herold, the father of the grid investigation

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Poland: enough of the promotional icon lewandowski?

Poland: Enough from the advertising icon Lewandowski?

Image: silar / cc by-sa-4.0

After the early retirement of the national team from the World Cup Gerat the uBalll in the advertising Prassen Fubballer, who is one of the richest 100 Poles, in the visor of the criticism

After Robert Lewandowski is Fubball "Capitalism PUR.". He said that last year. But from this approach, one has so slow enough in Poland today.

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Copyright: burgerreller and publishers criticize law draft

Copyright: Burgerreller and publishers criticize law draft

The Federal Ministry of Justice has published a new draft implementation of the EU Copyright Directive on Tuesday and thus caused split responses. From consumer protection and burger rights are criticism of the reform of digital copyright law, because they are user rights and freedom of expression too strong restriction. Publisher associations buried parts of the law, other rules do not go far enough. Search engine and platform operators Google aubert only.

Compared to two discussion papers of January and July, the Ministry of Christine Lambrecht (SPD) has changed some key points. The focus is on the role of gross online platforms such as Youtube and Facebook, which are to be taught for the art of copyright infringements of their users, as well as the press-free protection law. New in the design is that the platforms not only for bagatell uses, but also for "Pastiches" (among other remixes and memes) Package allegations to pay the authors. The design formulates new rules for user uploads that should prevent content from being unjustified.

"Pre-check" – Upload filter with a new name?

In the original discussion proposal "Pre-flag" the users encourage copyrighted content in legal forms of use, such as parodies, quotes or memes, without blocking them from the platform immediately. The current speaker design now looks like that in front of it "Pre-check" already beat the upload alarm if a right holder has stored the content to block the platform. Only then is "Pre-flag" still possible.

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Winter acquaintance with consequences

Birds that hibernate together tend to breed together

Our migratory birds spend the winter in the warm south. At least that is what we learned in school. For some years now, however, more and more Monk Grass Cuckoos (Sylvia atricapilla) have been leaving the Iberian Peninsula behind and wintering in the British Isles instead.

The warming of the climate makes it possible for the small songbirds with the characteristic black cap to survive their trip to the northwest. In addition, the British are known for their love of birds, which is reflected not least in their excellent bird food: dried fruit and nuts are standard along with grains. Compared to this, you can forget about the ready-made mixtures available in this country. Not to mention the tit-nodel, a lump of fat larded with obscure grains and crumbs, which perversely often contains animal fats and is not at all species-appropriate.

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Usa: debate on decentralization

Usa: debate on decentralization

Gray clouds over Washington D.C. Photo: Pixabay

Two senators want to scatter government jobs from the Washington juggernaut across America

Marsha Blackburn and Josh Hawley, two Republican senators from Tennessee and Missouri, are currently attracting attention with the Helping Infrastructure Restore the Economy Act (HIRE) they introduced. The bill, in fact, calls for ten U.S. federal departments to relocate.

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Car supplier schaeffler wants to delete thousands of jobs

Car supplier Schaeffler wants to delete thousands of jobs

The car and industrial supplier Schaeffler wants to reduce 4400 other places by the end of 2022 because of the crisis in the automotive industry. Affected are substantially Zwolfen locations in Germany – including the headquarters in the Frankish Herzogenaurach – and two more in European countries, Schaeffler said in Herzogenaurach on Wednesday. For the factory in Luckenwalde Konne also a sale comes into consideration, said board leader Klaus Rosenfeld of the DPA. According to Schaeffler from 2019, the plant in Brandenburg has around 400 employees. They produce components for engines.

Schaeffler hopes for a savings potential in the amount of 250 to 300 million euros through the maaking package, which is to be realized 2023 90 percent. Standing transformation expenses in the amount of 700 million euros. "We stand in a structural change that we have to actively take", said Rosenfeld. The saved money wants Schaeffler in Germany in "Future business and technologies" Reinvesting, it is called in a communication of the company.

Social contract reduction

The job reduction should be implemented as far as social contract. To do this, talk to the IG Metall on the basis of the Future Agreement concluded in 2018. Schaeffler wool use different instruments. However, exact information that these are did not make the company.

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Welcome to the zombieland! With bibi, gina-lisa and trump.

Welcome to the Zombieland! With Bibi, Gina-Lisa and Trump

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

To increase the ratio, every means is right to us. And so we start today with a look in Bibisbeautypalace in the weekend. Popular among our readers is besides the bibi tacks also the unique Gina-Lisa, which proves all its esprit in this video. The fact that the practitioner feminist does not have won the RTL jungle camp, understand who wants. Or has the great #teamginalisa now in the meantime, active at Twitter, it is no longer. But it’s still hard: Palim! Palim! Young Cabaret Tiste Dieter Hallervorden has recorded a new Protestsong. Title: I am the prasident. And of course it’s about the light-shaped also the German right, ie about Donald Trump, which finally the opinion is avoided. Was also a highest time: Palim! Palim!

Welcome to the Zombieland! With Bibi, Gina-Lisa and Trump

Before we realized the last secret weapon in the fight for clicks, we present a sensational animal video for relaxation. No, it shows no cats, but a parrot who stands for a dog. Or a dog in the body of a bird? Anyway, somehow what Transarten-Mabige: Film off! And now to Bibi, Gina-Lisa and Trump of Click Copper Number 1 on the Internet: Adolf Hitler. More specifically, the video "I KILL Hitler", with the YouTube star pewdiepie now responded at a strange way to the neo-Nazi premieges raised against him.

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